IROC Asia Research specializes in searching to find firms with excellent ideas

and the people that drive them, bringing them into our network of advisers and investors. We focus on finding firms from start-up / incubation idea stage; through to identifying small to medium sized teams / companies with a solid product / services that need guidance in their market expansion.

Whether your firm or project is working well but you want to grow faster or you have a good idea, but you have run onto a bumpy road. We help to identify what the root problem is and through our advisory network help to fix it.

We do not supply the funding, but do find you an adviser/investor who believes in your goals and product.

Although you may not need help now, being a part of our network gives you direct access to assistance when you need it while growing your relationship base within your industry.

We take meeting project time lines seriously., helping you drive projects to on-spec, on-target, on-budget completion.