IROC Asia Invest specializes in partnering with venture capital firms

to assist in fund-raising for organizations with excellent ideas. Utilizing our network of experienced senior business advisers, propelling all partners involved towards the goal of creating quality products or services with a profitable return on investment.

We want to make sure your investment in a project is managed well. You can be as involved in the process of making sure your investment becomes profitable. The more you are involved the more successful the project will be. Most of our advisers are investors in projects as well.

We work directly with pure VC and PE firms, together with private wealth individuals interested in not only investing but also playing an active role if they so choose.

We offer a unique model that makes our business about your business. Our focus is on software and online products & services, but if our team is interested in your idea we are always willing to listen.

We are sensitive to various countries' tax filing time-lines and we sure projects are in line with their completion to ensuring your maximum benefit from investment and tax write off.